Our Aim

Our aim is to develop in the pupils such competencies as are necessary for their effective participation in work and life situations. The specific areas considered to conducive to competent growth of the pupils are -

  • # Development of basic mental abilities and skills.
  • # Focus on providing quality education and to widen thinking of students to build a strong base of knowledge, moral skills and values to carve an over all ideal character for the society.
  • # Providing physical growth and proficiency in games and sports of the pupils.
  • # Learning to establish good human relationships.
  • # Developing a WILL to go through the ups and downs of life in an optimistic and determined manner.
  • # To provide the pupils with opportunities to be innovative, independent and confident enough to built a system of co- curricular activities.

In order to achieve the objectives, an effort is made to expose the pupil to a variety of situations in the school setting. These are expected to help him adapt to new situations and guide him to reconstruct his environment to an end that may give most enduring satisfaction to the pupil and the society. It is a challenging aim to achieve, but we are confident that this can be successfully achieved with the good WILL, understanding and the practical assistance of the parents in co-ordinating their efforts and resources with those of the school, towards a wholesome growth and development of their wards.

School Campus and Attractions

  • # Sona Public School is a three storey building which supports primary, middle and secondary wings.
  • # Our classrooms are large and well ventilated.
  • # We provide latest technological computer education.
  • # Students of Class X are appearing in the CBSE examinations since March, 2000 and the school has been the centre for CBSE, National Open Schooling Examination and Delhi University Examination.
  • # Our school is giving 100% result of Class X since last many years.
  • # Various environmental initiatives are taken by our students on school level under ECO Club in which :
  1. They are motivated on plantation activities and to plant a tree and take care of it.
  2. Action on 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) principle- Proper disposable of waste source segregation, compositing, reduce in plastic bags and encourage to use jute, cloth and paper bags, recycle and reuse of waste paper etc.
  3. Anti-fire Crackers campaign- to disseminate message among students and neighbourhood on safety/ ill effects of smoke/ discouraging child labour and wasteful expenditure due to fire crackers.
  4. Campaign on conservation/ pollution of water- to motivate students note to waste water and means of conservation of water.
  5. Campaign on Air Pollution- to disseminate knowledge on air pollution and its source and protection.
  6. Observation of various Environments and National Calenders- to observe the environmental calenders like :
  • (i) World Environment Day(5th June)
  • (ii) Van Mahotsav(July-August)
  • (iii) International Ozone Day(16th September)
  • (iv) Wild Life Week(1-7th October)
  • (v) Independence Day
  • (vi) Children Day
  • (vii) Republic Day
  • (viii) Gandhi Jayanti etc.
  • 7. Campaign on Khelo Holi Naturally – to disseminate message on play holi with natural/safe colours among students and parents.

The school organise various means of awareness activities like Quiz/ Essay/ Painting/ Padyatra/ Rally/ Folk dances/ Nukkad nattak/ Theatre/ Songs/ Games on environment to spread the message among students, parents and neighbourhood.

Road Safety Club

The Govt. Of Delhi is laying a great emphasis on promoting road safety awareness amongst the citizens of Delhi. It is felt that promotion of road safety awareness amongst the school children will go a long way in promoting road safety. So, our school has set up Road Safety Club since 2002-03 vide Transport Department, Govt. Of NCT of Delhi vide D.O. NOF16(21)/2000/RS/TPT/P.file/1693 dated 7/11/2002. Under Road Safety Club our students work closely with the ECO Club and integrate road safety/ vehicular pollution and air quality issues. We undertake different activities to create/ learn the following points :
  • (a)To motivate the students to create awareness about road safety rules.
  • (b) To motivate the students to walk or use cycle or cycle track for short distances.
  • (c) To motivate use of mass transport instead of personal vehicle.
  • (d) To motivate public/ parents through children to wear helmet/ safety belt while driving.
  • (e) To motivate public/ parents through children for checking of vehicles periodically of emissions/ pollution level.
  • (f) To motivate students to practice safe behaviour on School Buses.
  • (g) Any other activity like assistance to road accident victims related to road safety.

  • # Our school has always shown the remarkable performance in various competitions at Zonal level particularly Yoga, English and Hindi Debate, Extempore speech, folk dance and School March Past.
  • # Transport facility is available for students to commute.
  • # Large and well ventilated auditorium/hall to organise various functions like Independence Day, Annual Day etc., with a good sitting arrangement.
  • # We offer large library with various kinds of academic, moral values, stories and general knowledge books to increase the reading interest of the students where 120 students can sit comfortably.
  • # We have large playground for students and hygienic surroundings and well maintained canteen offering healthy food and purified drinking water facility.

  • House System

In order to realise the highest ideal of education and nurture the sterling qualities of a well rounded personality and to inculcate a healthy competition, The school has been divided into four Houses :
  1. Ashoka House
  2. Pratap House
  3. Shivaji House
  4. Tagore House
Such a division is intended to cultivate and awaken in the child a striving for excellence and to place this precious acquisition of his, at the service of the community and the nation. Each House is supervised by a Housemistress/ Housemaster for various affairs who is assisted by a team of students in managing the day to day commitments. In order to develop the competitive spirit among students, various inter- house activities are held on weekly basis and students participate in these activities actively.